Interview: A Peek into Jewelry Designer Maggie Wu's Beauty Life

Interview: A Peek into Jewelry Designer Maggie Wu's Beauty Life

          Since January this year, we started a special series of interviews featuring amazing individuals from around the world. Everyone lives in a different city, works in different industries and is beautiful in their very own different way. This month's interview features business owner and jewelry designer Maggie Wu.

About Maggie


          Born in Taiwan, Maggie grew up in Canada, lived in Los Angeles, worked in New York and currently resides in Singapore. She is the owner and chief designer of Maggie Wu Studio, a company that creates delicate and versatile accessories for brides and modern romantics.

          Maggie has been designing jewelry since she was young. She has extensive experience in the fashion industry working with top luxury brands such as Prada, Carolina Herrera, and Reed Krakoff. She became inspired to launch a full collection of accessories when she was unable to find non-traditional headpieces that she felt she could wear on her own wedding day, and beyond!

          I met Maggie in Taiwan many years ago and have been keeping in touch with her on and off throughout all these years. I was really impressed and so proud of her when I discovered she launched her own brand in New York! 

          Maggie is one of the most genuine people I know. Instead of just blindly following the latest trends, she stays true to her love for all-things vintage and adds a personal twist. Her creations reflect her multicultural background and passion for jewelry design. To me, her leap of faith and willingness to challenge herself is what makes her truly beautiful.

           And now, let’s find out what Maggie's beauty secrets are!

A Chat with Maggie


Skin type?


Main concerns?

          Red, irritated skin.

Your No.1, most important beauty product?

          SKII Facial Treatment Essence. The product makes your skin feel so healthy and radiant. I travel a lot, and most recently I am often in the sun, and it really helps calm your skin. It maintains an even skin tone, too. I use it similar to how I would use a toner, right after I remove my makeup and wash my face.

One product you must travel with?

          FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil. Nothing feels more relaxing than removing a whole day's worth of makeup, dirt, and grime when you get back to your room after walking around sightseeing. This cleanser is not too oily so it doesn't leave an oily residue or cause breakouts. It is so effective and it just melts away all of your makeup in one go! It has no artificial fragrance so it is great for sensitive skin as well.

Your favorite beauty brand?

          I love the brand Fresh. I like how they use a lot of natural ingredients in all of their products. I always avoid products with synthetic fragrances, but all of Fresh's products have lovely natural scents to them that makes you feel so relaxed, calm, and fresh when you use them! Their lip balms are also the best that I have tried.

Product introduced by Key To Radiance that you want to try?

          The Patchology FlashPatch Lip Gel & the Oil Blossom Lip Mask by PetitFee. I have really neglected my lips in my skincare routine. The most I would do before was wear a lip balm from time to time. I am now noticing that they are getting darker and fine lines are starting to appear. Therefore, lip care is something that I am getting really into lately. I basically would love to try all of the products on your "How To Get Rid of Dry, Chapped Lips" post!

Beauty tips?

          Understand your skin and know what works best for your skin type. When I was younger, I loved trying all kinds of new "it" items, but because I have sensitive skin, a lot of them would actually irritate my skin. Now I stick to products that I know would work well with my skin type. I still love trying new products, but I avoid items with a strong fragrance or with too many synthetic ingredients, and stick to more natural products.

          Thank you, Maggie!


          P.S. Key To Radiance is not affiliated with any of the other brands mentioned in this article.

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