Interview: A Peek into Fashion Blogger Jordan Landes-Brenman’s Beauty Life

Interview: A Peek into Fashion Blogger Jordan Landes-Brenman’s Beauty Life

          Since January this year, we started a special series of interviews featuring amazing individuals from around the world. Everyone lives in a different city, works in different industries and is beautiful in their very own different way. The ninth interview is with blogger Jordan Landes-Brenman.

About Jordan

          Originally from California, Jordan of @hautehouseflower is currently based in New York City. She is a beauty, fashion and travel blogger, with an 11-year background in public relations and social media marketing.

          I’ve been following Jordan’s Instagram account since a while back, but about two months ago, I met her in person for the first time at a brunch get-together I organized. I remember talking to her and thinking: “she’s got such beautiful skin!” She also mentioned she’s an avid sheet mask user, so without further hesitation, I decided I must feature Jordan and share her beauty tips on Key To Radiance.

          I was fortunate enough to get to know Jordan, the PR, and Jordan, the blogger. In both roles, Jordan has been so professional, very gracious, and extremely pleasant to work with. Her confidence shines through the way she carries herself, without a sense of arrogance. And that, to me, is what makes Jordan truly beautiful.

          And now, let’s find out what Jordan’s beauty secrets are!

A Chat with Jordan

 Photo by Scott White ( @bloggerphotographer ).

Photo by Scott White (@bloggerphotographer).

Skin type?


Main concerns?

          Acne and blemishes.

Your No.1, most important beauty product?

          Dior's Capture Totale Dreamskin Advanced. I love using it in the morning as the second step in my skincare regime. I apply it right after my serum by patting it all over my face, using the Dior Institut technique, and a "cat paw" massage. I'm addicted to the smell, and it leaves my skin feeling and looking soft, youthful, and luminous.

One product you must travel with?

          Dr. Jart Water Drop! It's super hydrating, but not sticky (it’s more like a balm), and can double as a primer.

Your favorite beauty brand?

          It's way too hard to name just one! I'm currently loving products from a variety of brands, including; Erborian, Dr. Jart, Dior, Bobbi Brown, Fresh, and Chanel.

Product introduced by Key To Radiance that you want to try?

          I love Glossier's Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen! I've been rocking it all summer.


Beauty tips?

          Listen to your skin! I tailor my regime daily, based on what I feel like my skin NEEDS on any given day. I never use skincare products simply because they're trendy, or because they're what I "should" be using.

          Thank you, Jordan!


          P.S. Key To Radiance is a #glossierrep, but is not affiliated with any of the other brands mentioned in this article.

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