Interview: A Peek into Makeup Artist Tina Derkse’s Beauty Life

Interview: A Peek into Makeup Artist Tina Derkse’s Beauty Life

          Since January this year, we started a special series of interviews featuring amazing individuals from around the world. Everyone lives in a different city, works in different industries, and is beautiful in their very own different way. The sixth interview is with makeup artist Tina Derkse.

About Tina

           From the Netherlands, Tina Derkse has exotic features from her mixed Thai roots. She is a makeup artist with over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. Tina also inspires others as a writer through her lifestyle blog Savour By Tina.

          I started following Tina on Instagram (@tina_derkse) late 2016, after having read a blog post by her called Beauty Sleep | Satin Sleepers. As a makeup artist, she naturally uses the space to share beauty news, but she also writes about travel and style. I love that her Instagram page has a soft, feminine touch, and overall, has a clean, sleek look.

          We don’t get enough women supporting women, and Tina’s dedication to encouraging other women around the world is inspirational. To me, that is what makes Tina truly beautiful.

          And now, let’s find out what the gorgeous Tina’s beauty routines are.

A Chat with Tina

Skin type?

          Combination, sensitive skin.

Main concerns?


Your No.1, most important beauty product?

          To be honest, I don't think there is just one product I can't do without, but a combination of products! I never let a day pass without making sure my skin is cleansed, hydrated and protected! I love to use the cleansers by Sensai; at the moment, I use The Renewal Oil by La Mer, and always top it off with Sisley's All Day All Year to protect the skin.

          Also, the 100% organic Joanice For Lips handmade lip balm. I received one of these a few months ago and I'm hooked! It is the secret to smooth lips!

One product you must travel with?

          When I travel, which I love to do as much as possible, my skin tends to get dryer. Because of that, I always bring the Creme de La Mer, an ultra-rich cream with an all-in-one formula to comfort and prevent my skin from aging. This is also my favorite night cream! The Joanice For Lips lip balm is always in my handbag, too.

Your favorite beauty brand(s)?

          MAC Cosmetics is the absolute number one brand for me if it comes to makeup. When I use MAC products on my clients or on myself, I'm certain the makeup will stay and look beautiful throughout the day and all night long!

          For skincare products, my favorite brands are La Mer, Biologique Recherche, Sisley and Sensai.

Product introduced by Key To Radiance that you want to try?

          I would love to try the face oils by Sunday Riley. They seem to be very good for the skin and I love face oils! 

Beauty tips?

  1. Always (always!), clean your face. Start with just by using a moisturizer when you're young. Drink loads of water and be sure to have enough intake of anti-oxidants.
  2. For a clean and fresh beauty look, use a strobe cream, concealer and shape the brows.
  3. And my final tip: once in a while, skip the night crème, because we use skincare products daily, the skin has the ability to recover itself – you want to make it do the work on its own sometimes!

          Thank you, Tina!


          P.S. Key To Radiance is not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in this article.

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