Joint Review: Glossier's Invisible Shield SPF 35

Joint Review: Glossier's Invisible Shield SPF 35

          Hi, everyone!

          As summer approaches, Elaine and I decided to select a sunscreen product to try together. Therefore, this month's joint review is on the recent newbie by Glossier — The Invisible Shield SPF 35! We're pretty certain you have by now seen at least one photo of this product somewhere. A picture is usually worth a thousand words, but it doesn't really work that way in the skincare world, does it? You'll never know if a product is good until you've tried it! Read on and find out what Elaine and I think about it after having used it for a few weeks!

Let's talk about the PACKAGING.

          Tricia: The majority of my sunscreen products come in a soft shell that allows you to squeeze out the content from its body. Often times, the cap area would end up in a mess with excess sunscreen (all of that wasted, too!), especially when you are on-the-go and leave it in your cosmetic bag. But it was only after the Invisible Shield, that I really noticed that weakness in traditional sunscreen packaging. I think Glossier gave the Invisible Shield a very lovely “outfit.” The container offers a pump with a cap over it; the bottle has a hard shell so when it is placed in bags, nothing gets pumped out by accident. It’s not in the usual Glossier pink color, but it only makes sense that a product designed for summer is in a happy, bright yellow shade!     

          Elaine: What immediately struck me when I opened my new container of Invisible Shield SPF 35 was how bright and cheery it looked. I kind of have a subconscious aversion to sunscreen even though I know I need to use it daily to prevent hyper-pigmentation, so the fact that it looked inviting was helpful to me. That shade of citron yellow used was perfectly reminiscent of the sunshine, lemonade, sunflowers, and all things summer — who’d hate that?! I particularly liked how easy it was to pop open the cap and pump the sunscreen out without having to squeeze or shake first. The smooth cylinder container makes it easy to grip, and it is small enough to fit into my travel bags, or even purse, for easy reapplication throughout the day while on the go.

Let's talk about the SMELL.

          Tricia: To me, the Invisible Shield smells like a summery drink: light and lemony! I like it because it reminds me of days sitting by the pool and sipping on a lemonade. Oh, vacation days. 

          Elaine: It has this light, citrusy scent that it quite similar to the fragrance of a ripe lemon — totally up my alley — thanks to the addition of sweet orange peel oil. And more importantly, I couldn’t detect any metallic smell, something commonly associated with drugstore sunscreens, and that is a very attractive quality in a skincare product I’d use daily.

Let's talk about the TEXTURE.

          Tricia: The texture is less like a cream, more like a serum. It’s not sticky, not thick and not white! The translucent, clear form helps with layering on foundation over it, too. It spreads across my face easily and smoothly. Only after a few seconds of applying, it kind of just disappears — I guess that’s why it’s called the Invisible Shield!  

          Elaine: I was expecting a thick, white paste when I first pumped the bottle, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a translucent gel akin to a light moisturizer! It spreads and soaks into skin easily without a greasy feel, and does not leave a white cast, which are yet two other key qualities of sunscreen that I look for. Even though I have dry skin and need a lot of hydration, and use a facial oil daily even in the summer, I find that greasy sunscreens can easily clog my pores and cause little bumps to form on my skin. It basically functions as a “last layer of moisturization” with protective qualities, and there is only one other sunscreen I talked about on Key To Radiance that does it perfectly like Invisible Shield!

Let's talk about the EFFECT.

          Tricia: I don’t get tanned easily in general, but my cheeks tend to go really red and dry in the sun when they’re not being properly protected. This hasn’t occurred using the Invisible Shield, so I can safely say it’s doing its job! I haven’t gone to the beach or anything of that sort since I started using it, so I cannot speak for those occasions, but it is definitely a great daily sunscreen for being out and about in the city (I’ve used it in New York and San Francisco).

          Elaine: I was traveling to a lot of sunny, humid and warm locales (think Hawaii, LA, North Carolina) in the weeks using Invisible Shield, so I still noticed a tan despite using it daily. I certainly think it protected my skin, because I didn't get burned nor did I notice new moles or dark spots forming on my face... A plus! (I did get a new brown spot on my hand, which unfortunately was not sun-protected.) When I saw Tricia early this week, she thought that I'd actually lost my tan quickly… Perhaps because I’m using Invisible Shield daily?! I only wished it were SPF 50 instead of just 35 — although I know the difference isn’t huge at all if we go into the research on SPF numbers — it definitely helps psychologically to make me feel that I am extra sun-protected.

So YAY or NAY? / Other comments?

          Tricia: 100% Yay from me! I have in the past used sunscreens that only added an extra shine to my t-zone area and dried out my cheeks. Often times, white creamy sunscreens also create a color difference between my face and my neck. So, you can imagine why I adore the Invisible Shield! Although I wouldn’t say it moisturizes my skin, it isn't messing with my combination skin, and it is literally invisible. These bonus features have really impressed me! I'm not sure, however, how well it would work for me in the drier months, so we'll have to see about that in the winter.

          Elaine: Invisible Shield is fast becoming one of my top 3 sunscreens, and even my fiancé is a huge fan as well! (If you don’t know, we share all skincare products.) I like how it doesn’t clog my pores, doesn’t cause irritation in my hypersensitive skin, doesn’t dry it up, smells good, works well… I’d imagine it was conceived to be one of the best sunscreen products in the market! The only drawback to daily use is the amount of product in a container — I do at least 4 pumps per application to get good coverage, and the container gets depleted pretty quickly. Then again, my fiancé and I do share it, and it is summer, so we use more sunscreen than in the winter. To be fair, all the sunscreens I like and think are high quality tend to be in the same price per ounce range, so I have no qualms about stocking up once a month. It definitely has a permanent spot in my top shelf!

          Thanks for reading!

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