Joint Review: Dream Cream Self-Preserving by Lush

Joint Review: Dream Cream Self-Preserving by Lush

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          Our fourth joint review is on Dream Cream Self-Preserving by LUSH, the British brand known for offering fresh, handmade beauty goods. Read on to find out what we think of the product!

Our thoughts on how it's packaged

 The mint-colored cream is rich and nourishing.

The mint-colored cream is rich and nourishing.

Elaine: It came in a black tub – a Lush signature – and I thought it reminded me of a little pint of ice cream! I guess it conveyed how “delicious” this cream is for the skin… However, like most of my creams I’d prefer it if it came in a tube or squeeze bottle so it’s easier to dispense. I mostly use Q-tips to get it on my hand so there are less opportunities for contamination.

Tricia: In a classic Lush-style tub form with a screw-on lid. It’s the type of product you’d leave by your bedside, and unlikely in your bag. Although the lotion is very creamy, it is fluid enough for me to pour some out into my hand at first. After a while, I would use a spatula to scoop up the cream. The good thing about it being in a tub, however, is that you can really get every bit of the cream in the tub; whereas sometimes it’s hard to squeeze out the remaining bits in tubes.

Our thoughts on the smell

Elaine: Creamy and nutty – I can definitely smell the olive oil and cocoa butter! I’m partial to savory scents so this is perfect!

Tricia: To be honest, I don’t know how to describe the smell, but I know I don’t love it, ha! It doesn’t bother me though, because at least it isn’t a pungent smell.

Does it do what it says it does?

Elaine: Absolutely. I use it mainly for when I travel, especially on airplanes where the humidity levels are ridiculously low and my already dry and sensitive skin gets tested by the altitude and the air-titude (pun intended). I bring it in little Muji containers and slather it on my skin liberally at the first sign of tightness, so I get off the plane with nourished and hydrated skin. It’s a rather rich occlusive.

Tricia: Yep! Without a doubt! The driest part of my body (if we put my cheeks aside) is my shin and sometimes they even flake a little. When I apply a layer on my legs, it immediately soothes the irritation, and it hydrates my skin throughout the night. It’s very rich but easy to spread.

When do you use it? 

Elaine: Other than when I travel, basically any time the skin on my body feels dry and/or tight. I’m guilty of not moisturizing the skin on my body enough, but this is one of the first creams I reach for on those occasions – unless it’s an eczema patch or a scratch, then I’d use Mahalo’s The Rare Indigo on it.

Tricia: I like taking baths and especially in the winter, but the downside of that is having really dry skin afterwards. And sometimes my shin gets so dry that it itches. So I use it immediately after a bath or shower, whether it is in the morning or right before bedtime. Once in a while, I would put some in a smaller container and bring it with me on the plane, since it’s a very dry environment up there.

Do you like it? Why?

Elaine: I like how deeply moisturizing the Lush Dream Cream is, and most importantly, I don’t get eczema flare-ups with this! (This may seem incredible, but I have had skin sensitivities from the products my dermatologist prescribed for the very opposite outcome.) I don’t think I use it enough!

Tricia: I do for sure, because the cream is thick and rich, and really moisturizing. Hydration lasts overnight or throughout the day when I apply it in the morning. For me, the best part is that it doesn’t use any synthetic preservatives! That’s why the expiry date is usually within a year of purchase, due to its freshness. It also uses Fair Trade products like cocoa butter!

What's one thing you'd change?

Elaine: Really, just the way to get it out of the container! I’m rather OCD so I’d like to avoid sticking my bare fingers into a tub, or having to use Q-tips or a spatula… But it might have to do with the consistency of the cream as well – it's very thick and reminds me of smooth almond butter so I doubt it will work well in a tube with its viscousness – if Lush could tweak the formulae to make it tube-dispensable, it would be perfect.

Tricia: Maybe the smell…? But that’s only if I must pick one thing. Otherwise, I don’t think I would change anything! Even though the tub takes up space, I don’t actually mind packing it in my suitcase because I know the lid won’t come off easily.

Would you recommend this to friends/family?

Elaine: Definitely to anyone with dry skin who’s looking for a rich, nourishing cream to end all their skin flakiness and tightness issues! With my friends we always share our favorite skincare products with one another – in fact, I got my Lush Dream Cream from Tricia.

Tricia: I’ve already given one to Elaine and one to my mom. I actually got this as a gift from my college roommate Grace, who has eczema and in general, just really sensitive skin. She tried various types of body cream over the past decade and found Dream Cream to give her the best results. I’m already on my third tub. 


P.S. Key To Radiance is not affiliated with or sponsored by Lush in any way.

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