#21DayMaskChallenge: Loofah & Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask

#21DayMaskChallenge: Loofah & Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask

          Just a few days 'til Christmas! Are you ready for the holiday season? Before we're off to celebrate with family and friends, we want to share another #21DayMaskChallenge with you!

          My skin has been going through a rough time. I call it "the phase of conflicts," because New York's recent change in weather has really been confusing my skin and causing it to act up. I was also in Aruba a few weeks ago, so the humid weather there played a part in all this, too.

          In order to calm my skin and be sure to keep it hydrated, I decided to try a sheet mask I got from Taiwan: The Loofah & Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask by LOVEMORE.

The Process

          I started the mask challenge on November 18 and used the same sheet mask for 21 days, although not consecutively. On days that I didn't use the mask, I simply completed my usual skincare routine.

          The sheet mask was used right after my showers when my pores open from the hot steam.

 The sheet mask is wider than my face so it the serum gets onto my hair sometimes.

The sheet mask is wider than my face so it the serum gets onto my hair sometimes.

The Experience

          The mask comes in individual packets; every sheet is protected with a white plastic "pearl" layer and a blue cotton layer. The serum is fairly light, clear and non-sticky.

          The masks are packaged with sufficient serum, but when you place them on your face, the excess serum doesn't come dripping down your neck, which is great. The mask has a faint soothing scent, too.

          The size of the sheet mask appears to be larger than usual. When it's on my face, the sides would often be over my hairline. It doesn't always bother me, but I think I prefer a mask that doesn't get serum on my hair.

About the Product

          Made in Taiwan, this silk sheet mask consists of local quality ingredients, including organic aloe vera, loofah extracts, and deep ocean water. Aloe vera contains hormones that help reduce skin inflammation and is a natural moisturization. Meanwhile, loofah extract has the ability to calm and soften the skin. There is a small percentage of collagen in the formula as well.

The Result 

          My cheeks tend to go red and sometimes they become itchy when the temperature drops drastically and suddenly. Last year, a normal moisturizer that I'd use on a daily basis was stinging my dry cheeks on a few freezing-cold days. But this year, none of that happened (yet). Although I did get one pimple on my right cheek near my ear this past week. 

          The mask kept my skin hydrated as promised, but what I really noticed was how soft my skin felt after using it for just about a week or so. I love the bounciness it gave my skin! And for that, I would gladly recommend it to anyone with combination or even sensitive skin.

Other Thoughts

          I really love the price point. You can easily find this sheet mask for less than $3 a sheet, so you won't be breaking the bank by using it regularly!

          I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this #21DayMaskChallenge post. If you have a sheet mask you’d like us to try, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know.

          Thank you for reading!

          P.S. Key To Radiance is not sponsored by or affiliated with LOVEMORE by From Taiwan in any way.          

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