Brand Review: Mahalo Skin Care

Brand Review: Mahalo Skin Care

          For 4 months now, I’ve been using Mahalo Skin Care products in my multi-step skincare routine. Mahalo Skin Care touts itself as a Hawaiian botanical-based facial care line that offers high-performance, luxurious skin treatments targeting various forms of skin inflammation, environmental damage, and prematurely aging concerns. The products are nutrient-dense with the key purpose of offering support to draw out one’s healthy, radiant complexion. Mahalo’s formulae draw roots from ancient Polynesia, Western, and Eastern healing, and with current natural beauty technology, proffer an immersive and holistic experience to one’s self-care regimen.

          In terms of a high-powered skincare line that’s also organic and eco-friendly, Mahalo is the best in my book. I’ve tried other skincare brands in the same tier — think May Lindstrom and Kypris — and Mahalo blows them out of the water. I know that those are good skincare brands with their own cult followings, and skincare is, ultimately, relative to the individual, yet I will advocate Mahalo again and again for how it has helped me achieve better skin than ever. Here are the four products from its line I cannot do without:

Vitality Elixir — a multi-correctional facial serum to rejuvenate, $110

Key Ingredients:

  • Tamanu: anti-inflammatory and skin-healing, potent in soothing skin inflammation such as eczema and acne

  • Sea buckthorn: the single highest source of vitamin E, amino acids, pro-vitamin-A and unsaturated fatty acids, it aids in reversing signs of aging

  • Chia seed: one of the highest concentrations of Omega essential fatty acids in the world, chia seed helps to keep the balance in the skin’s moisture barrier

  • Helichrysum (Immortelle) oil: derived from Helichrysum Italicum, this oil contains high levels of regenerative italidiones, as well as rare diketones, which stimulate growth of new skin tissue and fades blemishes

  • Tumeric: detoxifying and antioxidative

          I use this as a "booster" for my face oils. By mixing my Sunday Riley face oils with one pump of the Vitality Elixir, I feel my skin getting an extra dose of vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant extracts that only help to fortify my moisture barrier. My skin is always soft and smooth for the rest of the day (or the next morning) when this is paired with my face oil, and never oily. I also don't get random, non-cycle-related breakouts with this serum, and I can't exactly say the same for the May Lindstrom’s The Youth Dew, Kypris’ Antioxidant Dew, or Tata Harper's Replenishing Nutrient Complex (all tested in the booster capacity as well when my first bottle of VE ran out), which I'm sure is the result of Mahalo's specific cocktail of ingredients. The moisturizers and occlusives I apply after using Vitality Elixir are also better absorbed by my skin. 

The Petal — hydrating mask to plump and glow, $95

Key Ingredients:

  • Raw honey: one of my favorite hero ingredients, raw honey balances the skin, is deeply moisturizing, and has antibacterial properties

  • Rose hydrosol: a potent anti-inflammatory ingredient that is also intensely aromatherapeutic

  • Hyaluronic acid: holds 1000 times its weight in water to retain hydration in the epidermis

  • Camellia oil: a highly-emollient oil whose molecular structure is near identical to sebum (skin’s natural moisturizer) that is also packed full of antioxidants and vitamins

  • Willow: Mother Nature’s exfoliant, this beta-hydroxy willow extract helps to gently exfoliate and clean the pores from the inside

          One of the first Mahalo products I bought initially thanks to its name and blush pink color, it was the second product in my arsenal which contains BHA — I was in a phase where I wanted to acclimate my sensitive skin to acids. Designed to be used as a daily mask, it's extremely soothing on my skin and smells divine. The "goopiness" of the product, which some reviewers brought up, did not brother me at all — it spreads and covers my skin smoothly like any good mask would. Although I did not notice any significant exfoliating effects, I am very happy with how gently revitalizing it is. And the petal-soft, glowing skin this mask promises? I get that every. single. use.

Pele Mask — detoxifying mask to revitalize, $60

Key Ingredients:

  • Volcanic ash clay: highly-disinfecting and contains sulphur which shields the skin from the toxic effects of radiation and pollution

  • Ginger: an anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and antioxidative herb that contains the bioactive substance Gingerol, which works as a bactericide

  • Tumeric: antioxidative, this herb helps heals blemishes

          I got this as a sample first and loved it so much that I bought the full-sized product shortly after. I use this once a week as a powerful detox treatment for my face — the gentle tingling sensation that comes after application is a literal sign for me that botanicals in the mask is working its magic. Using rose hydrosol instead of water (I've tried both ways and this feels much more hydrating on my sensitive and dry skin), I activate the powder into a paste and apply it with the bamboo treatment brush. In 15 minutes I’ve sloughed off the dirt-and-dead-skin-cell layer, leaving behind soft, baby-smooth skin. The Pele Mask is one of my favorite rescue masks kept in heavy rotation!

The Rare Indigo — a beauty balm to calm and renew, $110

Key Ingredients:

  • Murumuru butter: contains essential fatty acids and pro-vitamin A to help restore elasticity to damaged and aging skin, healing skin inflammations

  • Indigo: contains two key actives: Tryptanthrin, a compound known for its anti-microbial properties, that aids in detoxification; and Indirubin, which inhibits irritation-causing proteins and can strengthen the skin’s barrier function, promoting healing

  • Helichrysum (Immortelle) oil: derived from Helichrysum Italicum, this oil contains high levels of regenerative italidiones, as well as rare diketones, which stimulate growth of new skin tissue and fades blemishes

          If I have to pick my favorite Mahalo product, it will be The Rare Indigo (with the Pele Mask a close second). How do you sing the praises of a hero product who'd saved your skin (and sanity) innumerable times? I couldn't even possibly fully describe everything this balm has done for me. If you are a regular reader on our site, you might have read what I wrote about it here. And yet there's more. 

          A few months ago, my fiancé was suffering from a horrible rash on one of his arm pits. We thought it was an allergy and he tried hydrocortisone cream, but it only got worse. Then we thought maybe it was the combination of heat, friction, and sebum over-production causing dirt and oil to be trapped in the pores of the affected area. Using a two-step treatment consisting of a BHA followed by The Rare Indigo, that angry red patch became much calmer and paler after just one day of use, and reduced to a couple spots after three. It did turn out that the rash was caused by something entirely different and had to be treated eventually by specially-prescribed antibacterial washes to fully banish it, but for a whole month it was kept at bay with the help of The Rare Indigo balm. To witness how well it worked just affirmed its stellar position on my top shelf. 

          Any scratches (I'm super clumsy sometimes), hypersensitivity, eczema flare-ups on my skin are all treated with The Rare Indigo for the reassuring fact that it'll be completely obliterated in days if it's minor; a month if it's a MAJOR problem patch. Before I had this balm, it is almost certain that I will have scars left behind from a bad scratch or a persistent eczema patch. With this balm, I get something nourishing for my skin, soothing, reparative, smells like a bouquet of Hawaiian flowers, and best of all, wonderful skin. 

          I hope this was helpful and that you’ll find something you want to try and keep using! Let us know what other products you'd like Key To Radiance to review…Happy Monday!


Note: Key To Radiance is not affiliated with or sponsored by Mahalo Skin Care.

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