Joint Review: Banila Co. Clean It Zero

Joint Review: Banila Co. Clean It Zero

          Hi guys! This is our third joint review, and today we’ll be sharing our thoughts on Banila Co. Clean It Zero — the original version. A quick recap if you’re new to us and our articles — Tricia has combination skin, oily on the T-zone and dry on the cheeks, while I have dry skin that is pretty sensitive and prone to eczema.

What is Banila Co. Clean It Zero?

          Banila Co. Clean It Zero is a cleanser that starts as a solid balm, transforming into a light, silky oil as you massage it on your skin. Its lightweight formula gently and effectively dissolves makeup, dirt and grime — even waterproof makeup — without stripping your skin of its natural oils. It contains ingredients such as papaya extract, which works to naturally exfoliate the skin, and acerola extract, which contains the brightening properties of Vitamin C. After using it, your skin feels clean, supple, and nourished, ready for the rest of your skincare goodies. And for once, this is an oil-based cleanser that doesn’t run down your arms!

Our thoughts on...


Tricia: It doesn’t look like a makeup remover to me at first; the tub is light pink and well-packaged (keeps it clean and not a mess), and comes with a little spatula which is very handy. I kept the clear cover even after my first use so I can keep the spatula in its original place to keep it clean.

Elaine: It’s quite pretty! I like the translucent tub and the soft pastel colors they use for the regular-sized ones (100 ml). For the ultra-sized ones, the colors are a lot brighter which lends a rather garish quality to it — but I get these ones so I don’t run out as quickly, given that I use the cleanser almost daily. Two cons — it’s a pretty basic plastic container, and it comes in a tub, where you’d have to scoop the cleanser out with a little spatula. Not the biggest fan of that system — I’d rather squeeze it out of a tube, really.


Tricia: Originally in a solid form, the makeup remover quickly melts into your skin when you start massaging it in circulation motion on your face. I sometimes associate it with cream cheese, because of how easy it spreads on bagels. The texture is smooth and becomes part-oil, part-liquid when it goes on your face.

Elaine: Well, it's smooth, soft, just like a sherbet as the full name of this product implies. It immediately melts into a liquid form upon massaging onto your face. I prefer the way this texture works over just an oil cleanser, which tends to sometimes leave me with a thin film of residue.


Tricia: It has a light blend of fruity and floral aromas, which is great because I don’t like pungent smells.

Elaine: A light, barely-detectable fruity scent with hints of citrus. No weird “chemical smell” from this cleanser! 


Tricia: It cleans really, really well, except when I use waterproof mascara. Usually I would use it to remove my makeup and then use a face wash, but there’s been a few times when I got lazy and would use a toner right after removing my makeup using Banila Co. Clean It Zero and my cotton pads would always be clean as if I never put makeup on before. When I have waterproof mascara on, I would use a eye makeup remover wipe or oil to clean it off first.

Elaine: Uh-mazing! A little goes a long way with this cleanser. Use it as the first step of your 2-step cleanse, morning and night. Just a quarter-sized amount removes a whole face of makeup — mascara, brow gel, Kylie Jenner’s ridiculously pigmented matte lipsticks, you name it — plus the dirt and grime collected by your skin throughout the day without stripping my skin dry (and I have naturally dry skin!). You can use an even smaller bit if you don’t have makeup on but just sunscreen — that’s what I do on most days. All you need to do is gently massage the cleanser into your skin until you see everything dissolved in a puddle of color. I like how effective it is — this cleanser saves us from over-cleaning our faces with too many cleansing steps that will compromise our skin’s natural moisture barrier.


Tricia: I think it’s reasonable! Considering it lasts me about 3 months or so and I use it 3-4 times a week. I do alternate it with other makeup removers, just because I tend to do that with all my beauty products so my skin doesn’t get too comfortable with any of the products, not because I don’t want to use Banila Co. Clean It Zero every day.

Elaine: Low — anywhere from $17-22 for the 100 ml version, and $26 for the 180 ml version on Amazon. Since a little goes a long way, the 180 ml version can last me for 4-5 months. We’re talking cents per day’s use.

Best thing about it?

Tricia: It doesn’t dry my cheeks! I have combination skin and this works wonderfully for me, especially in the winter. Some makeup removers take off even the protective layers of our skin, leaving it more vulnerable than it needs to be. My cheeks are very dry, and Clean It Zero is able to get rid of the makeup, and still keep them hydrated! Meanwhile, it’s not too oily for my t-zone area, which I sometimes need to use different products on.

Elaine: I simply love how easily this cleanser dissolves makeup and how it doesn’t leave a residue behind on my face or strip my face of its natural moisture and oils. Also, there are different types of Banila Co. Clean It Zero for different skin needs so I find it super helpful when gifting. Even though I have pretty sensitive skin, mineral oil in the cleanser does not irritate me so I enjoy using the original formula, but for someone who wants something free from artificial coloring, synthetic fragrance, alcohol, parabens, and mineral oil, there is also Clean It Zero Purity, for instance.

Worst thing about it?

Tricia: Because it is in a jar/tub form, it is sometimes hard to travel with especially when I gotta save space. So I would still go for the wipes when I travel or go to barre class, instead of bringing this along. I guess it’s not exactly a serious issue, but it will be nice if it’s somehow packaged in a way so it’s easier to take it around with me.

Elaine: If it can be dispensed more easily — via a squeeze bottle for instance — that would be perfect! Since I use the ultra version (180 ml) at home, I'd scoop some into those teeny-tiny Muji cosmetic containers when traveling so it's always super easy to bring Banila Co. Clean It Zero with me.

Other thoughts:

Tricia: I have recommended this product to my friends and bought one for my mom as well, and I don’t do that with just any product (because then no one would ever trust my taste in beauty products again… haha). Of all the steps in my skincare routine, removing makeup and making sure my skin is completely makeup-free is the most important step. I think having a reliable makeup remover like Banila Co. Clean It Zero in my beauty cabinet is something as natural as having apples in my kitchen — an apple a day, keeps the doctor away!

Elaine: This is hands down my favorite oil-based cleanser since I started using it in 2015 and a workhorse staple in my routine. I haven’t tried all the different types of Banila Co. Clean It Zero cleansing balms since I like the original formula so much… but I just bought the other ones and I can’t wait to!

          PS. Key To Radiance is not affiliated with or sponsored by Banila Co. in any way.

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