Interview: A Peek into Barre Instructor Jessica Diaz’s Beauty Routine

Interview: A Peek into Barre Instructor Jessica Diaz’s Beauty Routine

          This year, Key To Radiance is gearing up to bring more interesting content to all of you. And both Elaine and I are extremely excited for all to come!

          Today, I’m starting off a special series of interviews featuring amazing individuals from around the world. Everyone lives in a different city, works in different industries and is beautiful in their own different ways. The first interview is with BarSculpt instructor Jessica Diaz.

About Jessica

 Jessica ( @jessicadiazwellness ) shares her health and fitness tips on .  

Jessica (@jessicadiazwellness) shares her health and fitness tips on  

          Originally from Santa Barbara, California, Jessica plays multiple roles on a daily basis. She is a mother of two, an inspirational wellness speaker and writer, an ambassador for activewear clothing lines Carbon38 and Splits59, and currently teaches barre in the Greater Boston area at Asana Charlston and Equinox. Prior to being a barre instructor, Jessica worked in consulting, as well as television advertising and marketing.

          In 2013, Jessica suffered from a stroke. In her process of recovery, she turned toward health and wellness, and embraced a more mindful approach to eating and exercise. She is currently the spokesperson for the American Stroke Association, and has been sharing her journey on becoming the healthiest version of herself. 

          I met Jessica as a student in her class. She is professional and student-centric, and her classes are awesome (I really wish I was still living in Boston). What makes Jessica stand out amongst all the instructors I’ve met is how she carries herself – she is always so graceful. In my eyes, her ballerina-like elegance is what makes her beautiful.

          As a barre instructor, Jessica is undoubtedly in great shape. What’s more, she has glowing skin, too! Let’s find out what her skincare routine is all about.  

A Chat with Jessica

Skin type?


Main concerns?

          Dry, flaky skin, and wrinkles.

Your No.1, most important beauty product?

          Moisturizer. I cannot live without it. My skin is very dry, so I use it multiple times a day. I have also started using tinted moisturizers with SPF, so that I am moisturizing and protecting my skin from sun and aging.

          My favorite is the D.E.J Face Cream from Revision Skin. This is the only product that I have noticed a major difference in the texture and hydration of my skin.

One product you must travel with?

 Image via @organicbath (Instagram). 

Image via @organicbath (Instagram). 

          I always travel with a shea butter cream. Flying long distances can be so dehydrating and my skin always feel extra dry when traveling. The product I use is called Drenched Body Butter by Organic Bath Co. I always make sure I drink a lot of water as well.

          I do a quick search on that product:

          Drenched Body Butter by Organic Bath Co. is a hand crafted, 100% organic butter cream made with an award-winning formula, featuring a blend of Moroccan Argan, Jojoba and almond oils. It has everything dry skin needs to become soft and dewy. Meanwhile, Shea butter keeps skin drenched in moisture, heals irritated skin and prevents dehydration from happening. 

Favorite beauty brand?

          I recently had an amazing facial with Alexis Robertson at SKN GYM. I loved all of her own products that she uses, and I have noticed a significant difference in my skin since using her products for the past 6 weeks. The D.E.J Face Cream is also available at SKN GYM.

Product introduced by Key To Radiance that you want to try?

          I have really dry skin so I would most likely want to try the I'm from Honey Mask.

Beauty tips for our readers?

          Cream eye shadows are my favorite beauty products. As a barre instructor, I don't want to look too "made-up" while I am teaching, but I also don't want to look like I just rolled out of bed. I love using nude/pink color cream eye shadows that give a glowing and natural look. Right now I am loving the Eye Polish in Myth by the natural and organic beauty company called RMS.

          Thank you, Jessica!


P.S. Key To Radiance is not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in this article.

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