Brand Review: Oh Hi, Hello Aglow

Brand Review: Oh Hi, Hello Aglow

          I forgot how I came across Hello Aglow, but I do remember how I decided to give it a try – because of its magic tagline: heals blackheads and cleans out clogged pores (okay, I admit the pretty bottles helped, too). I went ahead and purchased the 3 Step Clear Skin Kit ($139.99) to get a full Hello Aglow experience.

          The 3-step kit came with 4 products. Well, even a math guru like myself (I’m being sarcastic) could tell the math doesn’t add up. Either it was missing a step, or they gave me an extra gift. After reading through the kit instructions, I learnt that the procedures are different in the morning and before bedtime, so it turned out to be a simple equation after all. Well, I didn’t know back then, but Hello Aglow really did gift me with something – it wasn’t an extra product, but clean, radiant skin!

          In order to see the full potential of the set, I decided to use only the 4 products in the kit for 14 consecutive days. Nothing else — and I mean, no sheet masks, no face washes, no scrubs — was used during this time. You’ll find below some thoughts taken from my beauty diary throughout the 2-week period.

          Before we go into details about each product, however, allow me to walk you through the steps in the morning and evening routines. Perhaps you think it’s unnecessary, but the method of use is rather different from most beauty products. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever followed such a unique skincare routine before.

Evening (if you have makeup on, use a makeup remover before step 1):  

          1. Start with the No. 1 Clarifying Hydration Dew. Shake well and wet skin with a few sprays (the instructions say 6, to be precise).

          2. Continue on with the No. 2 Radiant Cleansing Nectar. Shake well and apply it to a cotton pad (turn bottle over and hold until the pad is soaked through; soak 4 circles per cotton pad). Wipe entire face with firm, circular strokes. Turn pad over and wipe again in circular motions.

          3. Then grab the No. 3 Clear Skin Elixir Face Masque and apply 2 – 3 pumps into the palm of the hand. Spread a thin layer over the entire face 10 minutes before going to bed. (Yep, you’re going to bed with it on!)


          1. Remove the remaining masque with the No. 2 Radiant Cleanser Nectar as you did in the second step of the evening routine.

          2. Then take a pea size amount of No. 4 Flawless Nourishment Cream and dab it over face.

          3. Spray the No. 1 Clarifying Hydration Dew over face and rub the cream into the skin until evenly spread.

No. 1 The Clarifying Hydration Dew

From the diary:
          Day 3: “Not sure about this cucumber smell; I feel like I’m in the kitchen.”
          Day 9: “It now sits on my desk, because I find myself wanting to use it every other hour.”
 This pink mist has been placed within reach lately, for easy access to a quick spray.

This pink mist has been placed within reach lately, for easy access to a quick spray.

          This plant-based moisturizing face mist is carefully crafted with 19 organic ingredients to kill bad bacteria, reduce oiliness and clarify skin. Key ingredients include rosewater, cucumber and fennel seed. While the antioxidant-rich rosewater helps reduce redness and inflammation, the vitamin-rich cucumber rejuvenates the skin by retaining moisture. Fennel seed contains compounds that prevents acne and aids with healing damaged skin.

          My face goes red (not because I blush) really easily due to change of climate or environment, dirt, or sometimes for no specific reason. Although my cheeks are dry, my t-zone area is very oily. This mist gives my combination skin the right balance of hydration and visibly reduces redness. I started using it throughout the day on bare face and sometimes over my makeup too, to freshen up my skin.

No. 2 The Radiant Cleansing Nectar

From the diary:
          Day 1: “Oh my god – such a weird way to ‘wash’ my face… I think I’m going to miss my usual cleansers.”
          Day 5: “I just realized: I don’t even need a sink or a towel to clean my face with this. Awesome.”
          Day 11: “This morning, I can actually see it clearing out my pores and ridding blackheads on my nose as I wipe away the masque (Hand-drawn big heart).”

          This gentle exfoliating cleanser detoxes the skin with its special formula that features 14 organic ingredients, including Manuka oil sourced from New Zealand, hawthorn, and apple seed oil. Manuka oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, therefore ideal for blemished skin. Hawthorn is rich in antioxidants and can help clarify clogged pores; it is also an ingredient often used in Europe as part of a treatment for heart diseases due to its ability to help regulate blood. Then there is apple seed oil, which is loaded with fatty acids and useful in new collagen production. It has high amounts of sulphur that prevents acne breakouts, too.

 Be sure to shake the No. 2 bottle well before use. I've already used nearly half of the bottle!

Be sure to shake the No. 2 bottle well before use. I've already used nearly half of the bottle!

          Unlike most face washes, this cleanser can do its job without a single drop of water. It is rich in nutrients of various vitamins and has been created to gently remove dirt and toxins from the skin as you wipe in circular motions across your face. I assumed the product would leave my skin oily all day, but the perfect pH balance left my skin looking clean and healthy instead.

          I don’t have anything to say about healing breakouts as it claims it can do, but it was evident that the cleanser was able to clean my pores, especially after using it with the No. 3 face masque. I could see the cotton pads wiping away the whiteheads on my nose, and I was able to so without having to rub it off vigorously or scratch with my fingers. I have suffered from congested, large pores since I started working after college (the need of applying makeup on a daily basis, plus sitting in air-conditioned or heated office spaces), so to me, this product was simply amazing.

No. 3 The Clear Skin Elixir Face Masque

From the diary:
          Day 2: “I’m sleeping with this on???”
          Day 6: “I finally managed to figure out the right amount I need…only took me about a week.”
          Day 8: “It’s literally cleaning things out of my pores!”

          This overnight French pink clay masque is designed to regulate oiliness and reduce enlarged pores and inflammation — it is basically the solution to all my problems in one 30ml bottle. Made with 19 organic ingredients, this masque is very unique, because unlike most masks that needs to be washed off after a certain amount of time, it is formulated to stay on your face all night without drying or tightening your skin.

 This pink clay is my favorite product out of the 4, although I was the most skeptical about when I first tried it.

This pink clay is my favorite product out of the 4, although I was the most skeptical about when I first tried it.

          The pink clay has the super powers of pulling out dirt from deep within the skin and refining pores. But what helps to nourish the skin and preventing it from cracking is the raspberry seed oil, which is rich in vitamin E and A as well as Omega 3, 6, and 9. The mask’s formula also features coral harvested from the Caribbean. The ingredient contains over 70 different minerals, and together, gives your skin the necessary nutrients to be plump and healthy.

          Out of the 4 products in this kit, the masque is my favorite, despite starting out as the one I was most skeptical about. I’ve fallen asleep with face masks on before and resulted with really cracked skin due to over-dryness. It took a while for me to get my skin back to normal again; I was traumatized. But when I woke up after the first night using the No. 3, I was pleasantly surprised at how soft my skin was. My skin almost appeared sparkly after using the masque for a week — and I’m not exaggerating!

          It did take me a few days, however, to find the best amount to apply on my skin. The instructions say to use 2 – 3 pumps of the matte-textured clay, but 1 – 2 pumps of it was plenty for me to spread a thin layer across my entire face. I almost felt like I was going to bed with foundation on at first, and to be honest, I didn’t even sleep that well the first few nights because of it (I would scratch my face and gasp: ‘the mask!’). However, when I see results in the morning, I knew it was worth the trouble. My skin has gotten fresher, clearer and most important, my pores seem less visible!

          Side note: The mask never dirtied my pillow case, but I started placing a clean towel on my pillow every night so I could sleep in peace, without worrying about waking up to a mess.

No. 4 Flawless Nourishment Cream    

From the diary:
          Day 3: “This is giving me super shiny face; my forehead is so oily. Eww.”
          Day 7: “Apply more on cheeks and less on my t-zone area: bingo!”
          Day 12: “Couldn’t find the jar this morning so left the house with just a few sprays of the hydration dew and some sunscreen. Just now, I found it in mom’s room.”
 This little jar can do a lot for your skin: nourish, strengthen and protect.

This little jar can do a lot for your skin: nourish, strengthen and protect.

          Made with essential oils, namely pomegranate seed oil, rosehip oil and pumpkin seed oil, this luxurious waterless facial balm starts off thick but absorbs into the skin quickly. It acts like a protective shield against harmful elements from the environment and makeup. Pomegranate seed oil is a powerful natural antioxidant that helps lighten scars and marks, and rosehip oil helps maintain healthy collagen. But the real star that makes this cream so nourishing, in my opinion, is the pumpkin seed oil, because the ingredient gets rid of dead skin cells and helps produce new skin cells, which is key to baby-soft, glowing skin.

          The cream is very rich, and in fact, a bit too rich for my t-zone areas. Midway through the day, I found my forehead and nose extremely oily (the weather in Taiwan has been very humid too). So after a week, I started only applying it on my cheeks, where the skin is the driest, and sprayed the mist on the rest of my face. That worked a lot better. Perhaps this would be different if I was in a really dry climate though.

          My mom suffers from extremely dry skin (mainly due to menopause), to a point where her skin would peel on her forehead towards the end of the day. So I told her about the balm and asked her to try it. At first, we didn’t see a huge difference, but a week in, and we’re seeing healthy improvements.

           All in all, Hello Aglow has given me a unique beauty experience with great results. I probably will add in sheet masks and alternate cleansers from tomorrow, but the kit is definitely staying in my cabinet! And my mom is getting her own set.

          Below is a brief "photo diary" for you to see the progress of my skin condition. The first photo is from Day 1. My pores and the blackheads on my nose is quite visible (taken in the afternoon). The photo in the middle is from Day 10. My pores appear cleaner and my face is not as red (taken early in the morning, in direct sunlight). The last photo was taken yesterday; I have applied a tinted moisturizer with SPF on instead of my usual foundation (taken before noon, in direct sunlight).

          Got any beauty products you’d like us to review? Let us know! We’d be happy to check it out for you. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. Please note that Key To Radiance is not affiliated with Hello Aglow in any way.

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