Joint Review: SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick

Joint Review: SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick

The Look. What do you think?

Elaine: It comes in a really, really pretty canister, it’s a twist version, you twist it like a lip balm, or like a lip stick. It is pink and has gold letters, and it looks good, and actually it has real rose petals embedded in the soap! I think it’s pretty.

Tricia: It looks so chic! I think the shade of pink is adorable, and when I display it in my bathroom, I feel like it instantly makes my counter look more stylish. When you open the cap, you’ll see a similar light pink colored soap with real little pieces of rose petals inside, and it just looks so fancy, I love it!      

The Texture. What is it like?

Elaine: The texture is like any sort of bar soap, or actually, I think it's a bit softer than a bar soap. It lathers into a foam quite quickly; it foams up really, really easily.

Tricia: It’s like a bar soap! Even though you see the rose petals, when you glide it on your face, you don’t notice they’re there. At first I thought they would scratch me a little or something, but it was smooth. When it foams up, it’s very soft on the skin.

The Product. Do you like it? Why?

Elaine: Definitely, I’m on my second stick right now. The main reason I like it is the smell, and how soft my skin feels after using it. But to be honest, the first two weeks I used it, my skin felt really tight after using the rose stick. At the time, I had considered briefly if I should stop using it, because I naturally have dry skin and I know that this has a lower pH than normal foaming cleansers. I don’t know the pH of my previous cleansers, but they must be quite different. This is my first time using a low pH foaming cleanser, so it was definitely a shock to my skin and my skin was trying to adjust to it. But once it sufficiently adjusted itself to this new type of cleanser, I do feel like my skin feels more refreshed and softer, too.

Tricia: For sure! I was recently in Seoul, and bought a few for myself to stock up, and also to give away to friends! I like it because it smells so nice, and it’s so travel-friendly, I mean, I never had to worry about it making a mess in my bag, because of its design. Actually, I mentioned the rose stick a while back in my rose article too. I already knew we were doing this joint review back then, but I still wanted to include it in my top picks because I didn’t feel comfortable writing that article without including the Rose Stick!   

Skincare routine. Which step is it?

Elaine: This is step 2 in my double cleansing. I strongly believe in doing the 2-step cleansing routine. My first step would be using Banila Co.’s Clean-it Zero, the original formula, because it is actually really good. Even though I have really sensitive skin, it works really well for me. I’m not allergic to mineral oil, so that is a good thing. And some amount of mineral oil is actually not harmful to your skin at all. So I would use it to remove my makeup, and use the rose stick next.

Tricia: This is usually my step 2, well, occasionally it’s my step 3. I always use a makeup remover before, even when I don’t have makeup on. I would either just use this wipe called Cleansing Oil-in Cotton, it’s by Bioré, to clean off the dirt, makeup and all that, or I would use the wipe and then Glossier’s Milk Cleanser too, before the rose stick. In the winter, I would use the Clean-it Zero instead of the Milk Cleanser, because my cheeks are always drier in cold weather, and it feels less tight using Banila Co.

The Price tag. Is it worth it?

Elaine: I’m a bit of a skincare addict, so sometimes I forget how much I pay for these products. But yeah, I mean, it does seem a little steep at first when you see the price tag. It’s kind of in the $25 - $30 range; it does seem a bit expensive, but I feel like the rose stick lasts a long time, because it foams up quite a lot, so I don’t have to use too much of it. It lasts 2, 3 months at least, every day using it, so I don’t really think it is that expensive, for that reason.

Tricia: I think it is totally worth it. But sometimes I’m reluctant to use too much of it because I want it to last longer. Well, I guess it does last a while though, maybe around 3 or 4 months. I have other creamy face wash type of products that I would use too, and they are definitely cheaper than the rose stick, but I am still very willing to pay $30 for the rose stick. I mean, there are real rose petals in it!   

For first time users. Any tips?

Elaine: So I think the stick is really helpful because you can just toss it in your gym bag, you can take it with you, it’s very travel-friendly, because of its shape and the way it's packaged. It’s really easy to dispense the product you don’t have to worry about accidentally destroy the inner lining of your bag. After cleansing, I usually let the surface area of the soap that has come into contact with my skin just kind of dry off a little bit, which happens quite quickly, and then I make sure there’s no more water, put the cap on and place it back in my bag. I would suggest to use when your skin is wet. I tried dry application on my palm before, and it was obviously not the best idea, but with water it glides on very quickly, and much easier to use.  

Tricia: Keep it neat and clean! I usually don’t put the cap back on immediately after using it, but instead let it air-dry a little before I close it. I would twist the soap part back down too, because it feels like it would be better protected? It’s probably just in my head (laughs). My other suggestion would be to avoid getting the entire rose stick soaked in water; I don’t think it would mold the inside soap part, but I just imagine it might. And when you twist up the soap part, don’t twist up too much of it, just enough for you to apply it on your face.

 The Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick is packaged in an adorable light pink canister, with gold letters on it; it looks chic and is very travel-friendly.

The Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick is packaged in an adorable light pink canister, with gold letters on it; it looks chic and is very travel-friendly.

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