Joint Review: Glossier's The Super Pack

Joint Review: Glossier's The Super Pack

What are some of your thoughts on Super Pure?

Tricia: Super Pure was the first serum that I used, and my focus for it was to reduce redness. I use it twice a day, in the morning and before bedtime. Smell-wise, it’s fine, I don’t really think of it much. Sometimes, it will sting my skin a little, especially after I’ve used a mask. The funny thing is, Super Pure has given me spots, like, little ones on my forehead and my cheek. I had a couple spots a few days in a row, during the week I was using this, and at first I was wondering if this was giving me a breakout or something else? But I didn’t see any reason that it was something else — I didn’t have my period, I wasn’t using any other new products, I wasn’t eating abnormally. It was not until the 4th day that I was able to see a glow and spots stopped developing. However, after the 6th and 7th day, more new spots popped up around my mouth area, so I think that instead of calming my skin, Super Pure actually agitated it a bit. My cheeks, though, did seem to be less red in general. I didn’t look like I was blushing all the time like I usually do.

Elaine: Oh yeah, you do have some redness on your cheeks usually. It did help with that, didn’t it?

Tricia: Yeah, but on my T-Zone area and chin it gave me spots.

Elaine: Super Pure, to me, basically has no smell at all. The texture was a bit watery, which was something I didn’t expect from serums, because I thought serums are generally a bit thicker. This feels literally like splashing water on my face. To be honest, I didn't really see a large positive effect for me, maybe because I don't get redness that much, but I’ve used it whenever I feel flushed or when my skin is feeling sensitive, yet I didn't really notice any big effects.

The first time I used it, I thought I was breaking out a bit — not acne but an eczematic rash — so I actually had to use my hydrocortisone cream and my go-to products to put the inflammation to rest. But after that I used it again and it didn't cause the same issue, so I’m not sure if it actually contributed to my dermatitis, but it was the only new product I had used that day. I attributed it to Super Pure but I could’ve just been unlucky. This serum, though, did not wow me since I didn't see a big effect on my skin. 

What are some of your thoughts on Super Glow?

Tricia: I had started using Super Glow next. For a whole week I would use it twice, sometimes 3 times a day. When I apply it after a toner it doesn’t make my face feel stinging. I think it does actually give me a really natural glow when I use it. It doesn’t make my skin look oily, and I kinda find it actually more calming (compared to Super Pure) in the sense I don't feel that it’s too much for my skin. It feels light on my face, and when I follow it with makeup my skin looks healthier. Super Glow is probably my favorite Super out of the 3 — the only problem is that I think I might be using too much of it, just because it’s going quite fast.

I’ve never really used any products with Vitamin C in it before because I didn't really think it will give much of an effect on my skin. After using this I might give other Vitamin C products a try, just to see how it would benefit my skin.

Elaine: Super Glow was the 3rd product that I tried — I did Pure, Bounce, then Glow — so Glow was for Week 3. I have, historically, been wary of Vitamin C products, because the first Vitamin C serum I used definitely caused my skin to flare up with sensitivity. Subsequently, the other Vitamin C products I’d tried — even those with very low percentages of Vitamin C — had caused some irritation to me. Surprisingly, Glossier’s Super Glow did not cause any sensitivities with my skin. My skin did not get red or itchy from using it — a quick check on the ingredients shows that Glow uses a different type of Vitamin C from the usual types found in serums — it’s not L-Ascorbic Acid (LAA) which may be the reason why it’s more calming on my skin.

But again, like Pure, I don't know if I’m necessarily seeing any (additional) glow on my skin? Maybe because I’m also traveling a lot right now so my skin might be additionally stressed and Glow is actually helping to maintain the glow, so to speak? The biggest positive of this serum was the non-irritation and the watery, light consistency. The bad thing is if you’re hoping to get that kind of glow that Vitamin C serums usually give, then that was something I did not notice with Super Glow. Maybe it will take a couple more weeks of use to see it.

What are some of your thoughts on Super Bounce?

Tricia: I personally don't really like the smell. It kinda smells plasticky. The serum is also a bit thicker than other Supers and it was really hard to squeeze it out from the tube so I would do it a lot more times than I probably should. When I apply it to my skin there isn’t a stinging feel like from Super Pure, but I do feel that it was making my skin look a bit oilier. So I started putting it on my cheeks instead of my T-Zone — because I have combination skin — it was okay on my cheeks but it was too much for my T-Zone, making it shinier. Towards the end I only used it on my cheeks. My skin does feel a bit softer, and I think that was maybe Bounce making my skin texture a bit more flexible, so I think in that sense it did help me a little. Since I don't like the smell and I can’t use it on my T-Zone, I find it limited.

Elaine: My thoughts are almost the opposite of what Tricia’s were. Almost. First of all, the smell of Super Bounce is really comforting to me.

Tricia: [laughs]

Elaine: It reminds me of this hard candy I used to eat when I was a kid — Lucky Stars? It is this Japanese candy with a little cartoon of a guy and a girl – the girl has pink hair and the guy has blue hair? [It was Little Twin Stars from Senjaku.] The smell of Bounce reminds me of this candy, so it was nostalgic. The texture — I totally agree with Tricia — it was really thick, and the dropper was probably not the best medium for dispensing Super Bounce. It doesn't pick up the product very well, or dispense it well at all. I think it’s probably better if it came in a bottle with a squeeze top. 

I like the feel of Bounce on my skin because it’s really soothing — the serum is a little bit thick, and because it has Hyaluronic Acid I try to put it on my skin right after I’ve used a watery product like Hada Labo’s toner, to help intensify the effect of the Hyaluronic Acid. I do feel my skin getting a little bit more hydrated, and also for a long time. With Super Pure and Super Glow, they’re really watery for my skin and can feel like they’re gone the moment I apply them, but with Super Bounce I could still feel a little layer on my skin. Since I believe this serum is meant to keep your moisture barrier intact, it’s done a pretty good job. 

If you can only travel with one Super, which one will it be, and why?

Tricia: I will travel with Super Glow since it’s my favorite one out of the 3, and also because when I travel I tend to find my skin looking a little more tired. It does give me a little bit of a glowing effect — a radiance that I like — and it makes my skin look more awake. I think I will find it helpful when my skin looks tired, dull, or just not as glow-y as I like it to be. I probably won’t use it on the plane because I will need something more moisturizing than Glow. When I use Glow on its own, if I don't put moisturizer right after, I do feel like my skin is drying up. So it’s probably too dry for me on the plane. I would use it during my travels though.

Elaine: I would bring Super Bounce on the plane, because my skin gets even drier than it already is in high altitudes with low humidity (plane cabins), and also my skin gets irritated easily under the stresses of traveling. So it’s even more pertinent to try to keep the moisture barrier of my skin intact. Super Bounce is perfect for that with its Hyaluronic Acid. 

Favorite Super and why?

Tricia: As mentioned, my favorite is Glow, mainly because the smell is quite acceptable, it doesn't sting my skin, and it gives my skin a glow. It also doesn’t irritate my skin or make it red, it doesn’t make me feel like I’m breaking out, it doesn't make my T-Zone shine, and it makes it easier for me to apply makeup after use.

Elaine: Well, I like Bounce. First of all, it doesn't irritate my skin; second of all, it works really well for what it has, and it does play really well with the rest of my skincare routine. When I use it after layering some moisture (on my skin) it does lock in that moisture, and keeps my skin supple and hydrated, which is one of the biggest issues with dry skin. And the smell is really nostalgic for me.

[Both laugh.]

Any other thoughts?

Tricia: Personally I think the Supers are a little overpriced. It seems like you can use it for a while, but for both Pure and Glow, only after about 10 days of use, they’re almost down by half a bottle. I don't think I’ve been using more than I should — and I hardly use Bounce — but my Glow and Pure seems like they’re gone too fast, so I thought that was a bit interesting. And I do agree with Elaine when she mentioned earlier that the way that the bottle is designed, it doesn’t work with the texture of the serum. I think there might be some wastage somewhere? I almost want to just pour it out onto my hand directly. Because these serums are used up so fast, they’re a little overpriced.

The appearance of the Supers is very cute, very likable — the bottles are very light, so they’re easy to carry around for traveling. Glossier has this very consistent look where the products are adorable and they obviously put a lot of thought into the design — but I’m not sure if all 3 Supers should look exactly the same or be used the same way. I just find it interesting how I could use Glow and Pure so fast.

Elaine: Obviously it was a better deal to get the pack of 3 for $65 than 1 for $28, so yeah, it did seem like a good deal at first. If you’re thinking that a bottle will last you a month, and you bought one for $28, that’s almost a dollar a day. But my Super Bounce couldn’t last 2.5 weeks the way it was going, which makes it kind of an expensive serum if you think about it. The way the product is dispensed too — you need to suck up a lot of product just to get “one drop” from the dropper. Each bottle is 0.5 fl. oz. so there’s actually very little product in a bottle. My Bounce is almost gone and the dropper can’t even pick it up anymore; it’s not touching the base of the bottle and what’s left of the serum is just sitting low in the bottle.

So, I think, unless the product is really making a difference — you can feel it work within a couple days, and you don't need a lot to see that difference — then it makes sense to buy these serums. But if you’re expecting your products to really bring it for you, or you’re expecting value for money, then this might not be representative of something like that. It is definitely fun to use these Supers — and I’ve enjoyed playing with them, using them, layering them with my other products — but I think there are a lot more workhorse products out there that do much more, and are a bang for your buck.

          Elaine and Tricia bought their Super Packs online from Glossier for $65 each. Key To Radiance is not sponsored by Glossier.

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