Key To Radiance is your very own skincare bible that emphasizes skincare over makeup. It is designed as a guide that helps you, my dear reader, to achieve healthy, glowing skin through firsthand information on tried-and-true brands and products, as well as general beauty tips and recommendations.


Elaine Low, Cofounder

Elaine is a polyglot with extensive experience in marketing and technology strategy. In the past two years, she consulted for large corporate entities such as Allstate, IBM, and a sector of the South Korean government in charge of developing hi-tech startups in Daegu, the third largest city of the country. It was while consulting in Korea that she researched and acquired Korean skincare products that will go on to change her skin forever. Since then, she has been deeply interested in finding the most holistic skincare products around the world that will hydrate and nourish her dry skin, as well as keep her eczema at bay.

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Tricia Chen, Cofounder

Tricia is a public relations specialist, with experience in communications and marketing. She became interested in all things beauty-related in her early 20s, after she started her first full-time job. The long hours with full makeup application, and being in an air-conditioned or heated office space, was giving her skin various problems she’s never experienced before. Her pores were enlarged from dehydration, cheeks were peeling from over dryness, and overall, her skin was looking dull and unhealthy. It was then, she decided to look into the products she’s using, what her skin really needs, and how to be healthy inside out.

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